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Trenching is the traditional cable laying method in which an above ground trench is excavated to create an open cable laying area. In areas where the aesthetic and technical above ground considerations are not of priority, such as open country areas, trenching is still an economical and timely method to lay cable.


Open Trenching


Open Trenching is the preferred method for cable laying for:

  • Areas where above ground disruption is not a primary consideration.

  • Accurate trench floors are required to a consistent depth of 850mm or more.

  • Projects that require multiple cables to be laid.


Trenching Process


Our Trenching process includes:

  • Site obstruction clearance and planning.

  • Trenching using a variety of excavators.

  • Backfilling and reinstatement with relevant machinery & equipment.

  • Management and reinstatement of civil / public amenities such as road asphalt, concrete, paving and related vegetation.

  • Pedestrian ramps used to cover open trenches obstructing footpaths and thoroughfares.

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