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Management of civil projects require optimum planning. We administer planning procedures for all projects, regardless of your project scale or size.

Structure Planning Procedures 


Our Structure Planning Procedures include:

  • Eliminate potential health hazards to the public, contractors and our team.

  • Minimise disruption to traffic and pedestrian thoroughfares.

  • Maximise the technical efficiency of projects to meet allocated time lines and completion dates.

  • Liaising with councils, main roads and the service providers to arrange water and sewer permits as well as High Pressure Gas Permits.


Planning Services


Our Planning Services include:

  • Preliminary site visits by our experienced team leaders for initial project analysis including public and logistical management.

  • Preliminary safety planning to ensure 100% safety to the public and the team throughout the project.

  • Site surveying to ensure the correct Western Power alignment.

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