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Directional drilling is a unique technology in which a cable path is drilled with the minimum of disruption to properties and above ground obstacles. Cabling WA’s specialist equipment provides horizontal drilling with digital control panel technology to enable safe and accurate extraction of soil and rubble from designated cable routes.


Directional Drilling Benefits
  • Underground installation with minimum disruption to the above ground surface.

  • Saving costs related to the reinstatement of civil amenities such as road surfaces, paving, buildings and vegetation.

  • Reducing the risk of any additional hazards associated with traditional trenching such as exposed potholes.

  • Reduction in wet weather delays and additional time & costs associated with water seepage with exposed trenching.

  • Reduction in time and cost of traffic management and traffic permits.

  • Preservation of environmentally sensitive areas including busy public thoroughfares, heavy traffic zones or areas sensitive to aesthetic disruption.


Directional Drilling Services

Our Directional Drilling Services include:

  • Full use of directional drills and related drilling equipment

  • Fully trained operators

  • Communications equipment

  • Digital control panel technology

  • Directional guidance tracker

  • Access to vacuum truck for drilling mud and pot holing

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