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Cabling WA is committed to Zero Harm for the safety of our employees, contractors and the general public.

Job Safety Analysis, Safety Plans and Safety Services all form part of our ongoing commitment to safety in every project we undertake.


Job Safety Analysis


Our Job Safety Analysis involves:

  • The legal administrative requirements in regards to permits and permission prior to any excavations or cable laying.

  • Clarification with the relevant service providers such as gas, water, electricity & communications networks with notifications of the intended cable path and the time line in which the project is proposed.

Safety Plans


We execute detailed Safety Plans which include:

  • Cabling WA’s safety policy

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Hazard identification & risk assessment

  • Job safety analysis

  • Skills and competencies

  • OHS induction

  • Hazard reporting

  • Hazardous substances & dangerous goods (MSDS Sheets)

  • Lifting equipment

  • Plant & equipment

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Fire protection

  • Toolbox meetings

  • Emergency first aid

Safety Services include: 


  • 'Dial Before You Dig'investigations to prevent damage and disruption to the underground pipe and cable networks.

  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for the safety of our cable laying teams and the public.

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